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Be Trauma Informed

Trauma diminishes our ability to cope

Recent global events have enhanced our understanding of trauma and its impact


“Our aim is to help you, your organisation, team or school to become more Trauma Informed.”

Frederique Lambrakis-Haddad

Lead Practitioner, Trauma Inform

My latest article:

CAUTION: Proceed with thought and curiosity

My latest book:

Trauma and Teens: A Guide and Toolbox for Working Towards Wellbeing in Schools and Home

To counter this, you can become trauma informed. Trauma informed organisations align and evolve their values, culture and practices to prevent and mitigate the impact of trauma on the well-being and functioning of your staff, organisation and clients.

“Being trauma informed often is a question of evolving existing mindsets and practices rather than reinventing them.  By doing this, you empower yourself and those around you to be more sensitive to past adverse experiences and to support an environment which helps build self-sufficiency.” 

Our team of experts can help you realise, recognise, respond and resist re-traumatisation for you, your clients and your staff.


Frederique is a gifted clinician, sensitive, intuitive and able to use her depth of experience and clinical understanding to really help young people recovering from trauma.

- Graham Music

Psychotherapist & Author of "Nurturing Children" and "Nurturing Natures"

As well as sharing her vast knowledge and experience in theory, Frederique offers practical advice on what-to-actually-do-in-the-classroom - gold dust!

- Adele Bates

Behaviour & Education Specialist & upcoming Author of "Miss, I Don't Give a Sh*t"

Frederique has an infectious, charming character and I would not hesitate to recommend her as a highly skilled, dedicated therapist with outstanding management skills – the full package!

- Gina Simmonds

Parent & Family Expert

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