on Frederique Lambrakis-Haddad, our Lead Practitioner


“Frederique is very knowledgeable and experienced in this area of work and we have benefitted hugely from her guidance and pragmatism in how to implement changes.  Her training style is very engaging and our project workers and trainers value her support and guidance....

Sam Matthews

Director of Delivery 

LEAP Challenging Conflict

Finsbury Park, London


“I would heartily recommend Frederique as a gifted clinician, sensitive, intuitive and able to use her depth of experience and clinical understanding to really help young people recovering from trauma.”

Graham Music

Psychotherapist and Author of "Nurturing Children" and "Nurturing Natures"

“As a colleague, Frederique is supportive, pragmatic and empathic and she brought many innovations to the school.  As a therapist, Frederique has great integrity and insight and she uses this throughout her practice and in the wider school community...

Louise Cook

Executive Headteacher, Central Hub Brighton


“I have always found Frederique to be professional, compassionate and child-centred. She has an in-depth knowledge of trauma and how this can impact on children throughout their lives... 

Dr Jamieson Carter

Consultant Community Paediatrician
Designated Doctor for Safeguarding & Designated Paediatrician for Child Deaths, Sussex


"As well as sharing her vast knowledge and experience in theory, Frederique offers practical advice on what-to-actually-do-in-the-classroom - gold dust!...

Adele Bates
Behaviour & Education Specialist and upcoming Author of "Miss, I Don't Give a Sh*t"


"Frederique is creative and determined in her approach to support improvements for wellbeing of young people, always keeping them at the heart of her work...

Tracey Williams

Assistant Principal Educational Psychologist, Brighton & Hove Inclusion Support Service


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