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This can be a single session or a series of sessions. Examples of training content include:


  • How to work with clients or staff with complex emotional needs:

    • autism

    • stress

    • ADHD

    • secondary trauma

    • compassion fatigue

    • depression

    • anxiety and OCD

    • suicide

    • PTSD

  • Quick visual and sensory tips on transforming your online training for clients

  • Self-awareness and self-care in the workplace

  • How to become more resilient in the workplace

  • Trauma awareness and its impact on you and your clients (adapted to your needs)


What makes our Training different?


  • Totally tailored to your team and your needs

  • Led by the senior experts and not trainees

  • Visual and interactive, never passive

  • Focus is pragmatic and not theoretical (though based on theory and research, emphasis on action)

  • Training can be online or in person, tailored to your preferences or needs

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