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What is trauma?


The four types of trauma


Acute - a single event, like an assault or watching a car crash in front of your eyes.


Chronic - multiple, long-term, like people who are living in war torn areas.


Complex - multiple and prolonged over time like experiencing abuse/neglect at a young age.


Historical/Transgenerational - the most recently recognised trauma, it is the trauma that cultural or ethnic groups can carry and pass on generation to generation, like racism.

You may think of trauma as an earthquake, terrorism or an assault. It is all these things but it is also any event, or series of events, that overwhelms a person’s capacity to cope with a long-lasting impact on that person.


You might wonder, what does this mean for me?

In our current world where Covid-19, human rights movements and constant stressors exist, treating Trauma, whatever its type, is no longer specialised, but it is for everyone!


Apart from signaling that you are interested in a humane and thoughtful approach:


  • It makes for happier co-workers

  • Less absenteeism

  • Progressive agenda in line with important shifts in world values

  • Meaningful empowerment of clients and staff

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