Our team of associates


Our associate team comprises of a small set of senior practitioners who are all experts in their varied fields. They are available to join in for any piece of work, if desired. 

If you would like a tailored training or consultation with any of the team, we would happily adapt and individualise any intervention your group wants.

Karen Milton

Occupational Therapist

Nick Perkins_1.jpg

Nick Ishmael-Perkins

Journalist, Media Trainer, and Theatre Maker

nikki scott.jpg

Nikki Scott

Transpersonal Arts Counsellor


Gina Simmonds

Parent and Family Specialist

Dr Babb - Headshot - 27.03.2020 (1).jpg

Dr Roberta Babb

Clinical Psychologist and Media Consultant

AJB Headshot.jpg

Adele Bates

Behaviour & Education Specialist

Jamie Carter

Consultant Paediatrician and Safeguarding Expert

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